Read the man man!

You would be surprised to know how much you are not learning by not reading a Manual (man) Page… There are occasions that, after a lot of research, we are able to find a Shell command that will save our lives, but what you don’t know is, the most of the times, that same command […]

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Meet Icaros Desktop

Yesterday, a user of a Brazilian Forum of which I participate, called Clube do Hardware, asked a question about which OS he could install on an old PowerMac G4… The answer seemed obvious to me because, some time ago, I had the opportunity to install MorphOS on a PowerMac G4 that hadn’t use anymore at […]

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Tip | Managing Disk Usage

Many people nowadays have financial conditions to buy an SSD with at least 500Gb, but it still very expensive with prices starting from $350,00 (USD)… So, probably people are still using SSDs with 120Gb or 260Gb, and, for this specific sizes, it may be very difficult to manage the disk usage… As it’s very fast, […]

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