Why not Zsh?

Today I was talking with my brother about the Shellshock Vulnerability when he asked me;

Why you don’t use Zsh instead of Bash?

Then I said, “Well… I don’t know…”…

He explained me a bit about Zsh, then later, I started some research about this, and, what I found?

I found some old articles like THIS from Scott Lab and some new like THIS made by Brandon Rapp at SlideShare (see also below)…

So, now, I’ll ask you;

Why not use Zsh if it’s even more secure than Bash and you’ll spend only a few seconds to setup?

Actually, it is pretty simple… From Terminal.app you only need to run;

# chsh -s /bin/zsh

Or change the “Login Shell” at System Preferences > Users & Groups, control+mouse click (right mouse click) under your target user, click Advanced Options and select /bin/zsh under Login Shell

Advanced Options

Then reboot and you are good to go!


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