Tip | Shutdown Command

When you want to shutdown your computer within a certain ammount of time you can use an Application like Mac Shutdown, but do you know this is a built-in feature at OS X?

The shutdown command may be used together with a countdown timer before the system Shutdown or Restart, you only have to use the following arguments…

# sudo shutdown -h +120

The above command will Shutdown the system in 2 hours (120 minutes), but if you want instead to Restart…

# sudo shutdown -r +120

Or maybe Sleep…

# sudo shutdown -s +120

You can also, schedule a certain day for the task, for example to shutdown on October 14 2014 02:05PM…

# sudo shutdown -h 14101405

With the shutdown command you can even prevent any user with no Administrator rights to login to the OS…

# sudo shutdown -k

For more information, refer to the shutdown Man Page


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