Tip | Reseting a User Password

Sometimes and for many reasons we may forget/loose a user password…

If it was a Standard/Managed account but you still have access to your Administrator account, it’s pretty simple to solve, and you only have to go in System Preferences > Users & Groups, click under the desired user at the list then click Reset Password

User & Goups

Now, if you lost your Administrator password… Well, it’s a bit more tricky to solve…

First you’ll need to start the system in Single User Mode, use one of the options below;

A. Real Macs = Power On the computer while holding Command+S keys.
B. Hackintoshes = Add the boot flag -s to your boot loader.

By choosing any of the options above, you’ll see a screen similar to the image below;

Single user Mode

1. Run the two commands below, each line at once followed by RETURN (Enter);

# fsck -fy

# mount -uw /

2. Now, you have to use the command passwd followed by the user account’s name to set a new password for this account, for example, let’s set the password of the user forgotten (remember you should replace forgotten for the target username);

# passwd forgotten

Then you’ll have to type the new password, press RETURN (Enter), retype the password and press RETURN (Enter) again…

3. After this run the following command to reboot;

# reboot

If everything went well, you should be able to login again to your account, but if no, there’s one more thing you can try to do…

1a. Repeat the Step 1;

2a. Run the following command to make OS X “believe” that you have an “fresh new” installation and will bring to you the Welcome Screen giving to you the ability to setup a new user;

# rm -rf /var/db/.AppleSetupDone

ATTENTION:If you have important data at the old Administrator account DO NOT use the same name, instead, choose a new one.

3a. Run the following command to reboot;

# reboot

After this, you only have to log in to this new Administrator account and you’ll have full access again to all files and folders of any user.


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