Meet Icaros Desktop

Yesterday, a user of a Brazilian Forum of which I participate, called Clube do Hardware, asked a question about which OS he could install on an old PowerMac G4

The answer seemed obvious to me because, some time ago, I had the opportunity to install MorphOS on a PowerMac G4 that hadn’t use anymore at the company where I work, and I really enjoyed the experience…

MorphOS is an Amiga-Like OS for PowerPC architecture and can run on eMac, iBook G4, Macmini G4, PowerBook G4, PowerMac G4 and G5… It isn’t free, but a Trial Version can be downloaded HERE

 photo morphos3screens_zps88cff905.jpg

But this question, also made me remember of an amazing project called Icaros Desktop

Icaros Desktop is a kind of Distribution based on another Amiga-Like OS called AROS, and differently from MorphOS and AmigaOS, is Open Source and completely free…

Icaros Desktop photo icaros_150_0_zpsd60c1c6e.jpg

And guess what’s the best part?

It can run on PCs with x86 Intel or AMD processors!

You can download its liveCD or DVD to take a look, and later, install it directly to your machine…

Here’s the Full HCL (Hardware Compatibility List)…

You will really enjoy this experience…


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