Tip | Reseting a User Password

Sometimes and for many reasons we may forget/loose a user password… If it was a Standard/Managed account but you still have access to your Administrator account, it’s pretty simple to solve, and you only have to go in System Preferences > Users & Groups, click under the desired user at the list then click Reset […]

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Tip | Shutdown Command

When you want to shutdown your computer within a certain ammount of time you can use an Application like Mac Shutdown, but do you know this is a built-in feature at OS X? The shutdown command may be used together with a countdown timer before the system Shutdown or Restart, you only have to use […]

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Hackintoshes x System Caches

Some users wrongly think that only by rebuilding kernelcache will assure no issues after edit/install some kexts or change some system settings… This may lead lots of users to situations where apparently all was tried, but actually no, making them believe the only solution will be reinstall the whole system again to fix the issue… […]

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Do you remember of PearPC?

Do you know that before the first OSx86 (Hackintosh) efforts to run Mac OS X on a regular PC start, and even before Apple switch from it’s RISC PowerPC processors and use Intel’s x86 processors, we could use Mac OS X at our regular PCs with x86 processors? Yes, believe me… Barely impractical (based on my own experience), but […]

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Why not Zsh?

Today I was talking with my brother about the Shellshock Vulnerability when he asked me; Why you don’t use Zsh instead of Bash? Then I said, “Well… I don’t know…”… He explained me a bit about Zsh, then later, I started some research about this, and, what I found? I found some old articles like THIS from Scott […]

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